Jobs sans frontières

4 colleagues are sent to an unknown destination. Their mission: to do their job on the other side of the world… Mechanics, nurses, firemen, drivers… Professions have no borders and colleagues don’t need to speak the same language to understand each other.

In these distant countries, with radically different living and working conditions, the 4 team members will have none of their usual reference points. And yet, with a job to do, they will adapt and collaborate with their local colleagues to accomplish their mission.

And they will share their discoveries, feelings, joys and disappointments with us. Beyond pre-conceived ideas and judgment values, beyond linguistic or cultural barriers, beyond their own limits, they will share everything with their colleagues from the other side of the world, and perhaps make some new friends in the process.

Channel: RTL TVI
Programming: 19H45
Duration: 60′
Year of production: 2016