Le Voyage de Jules

The idea, says Frédéric Ledoux, at the start of the film, is to share the daily existence of an anonymous life facing an exceptional event. The character in question is Jules.

His life changes radically on the death of his wife in a car accident. He succumbs to debt and depression. His belongings are seized by the bailiffs. At the start of shooting, he learns that he is suffering from aggressive leukaemia. He then tracks down his daughter in Arcachon, who disappeared ten years ago. He gets there only to discover that she has died from an overdose. At the end of the film, he himself dies. It’s dreadful, except that… Except what? See what happens on screen. Frédéric Ledoux follows three principles:

  1. You will film in reality
  2. You will find the team and equipment
  3. You will seek the truth


Le voyage de Jules – Documentary (2005)

Format: 16×9
Duration: 85′
Script and directing: Frédéric Ledoux